Board 2016

Chairman - Kajan Kort

Hi, my name is Kajan Kort. I believe sustainable energy is of vital importance in future societies. Although often pursued by many, I do not believe merely in one technology that will replace fossil fuels to secure energy access. We need a combination of many renewable energy technologies, wherein the composition of technologies depends on geographical, societal and economic variables. To achieve such a diversified energy system, researchers, businesses and students have to come up with smart strategies and technologies to ´connect the dots´. I believe the best way to enable this is to openly invite as many bright minds as possible to contribute in this complex challenge.

During my Bachelor’s degree ‘Science, Business & Innovation’ at the VU University in Amsterdam, my interest in renewable energy grew increasingly. Therefore, it was a straight-forward choice to continue in the Master’s program ‘Sustainable Energy Technology’ at the University of Technology Delft. I really like the multi-perspective view on the energy market integrated in this program. Next to my study I work part-time as project engineer at Greenlink Energy, specialized in designing and installing autonomous energy systems in remote locations in Africa.

There are many initiatives, plans and ambitions related to sustainability and sustainable energy at the moment, creating a fertile ground for the badly wanted energy transition. I am very happy to be selected for the board of the Energy Club 2016, offering me a big opportunity to utilize the current momentum and steer for ambitious energy projects (TU Delft Energy Icon?), energy community enhancing events, inspiring excursions and trips, fruitful master classes and many more events. As the chairman I will do my utmost to support my board members and strive to maximize performance and efficiency.

Secretary & Globalisation commissioner - Rhythima Shinde

Hi, my name is Rhythima Shinde and I’m a MSc student at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the Delft University of Technology. I’m very excited to be part of Energy Club this year. For me, it is a great opportunity to get a step closer to the dream of creation of a global sustainable and responsible society with shared goals.

Born in a developing and diverse country like India I have seen people devoid of basic facilities like electricity leading to major conflict of goals in serious issues like energy distribution. I have always believed a developed society is possible only if the research, technologies collaborate with governments and the corporate world. As the international commissioner, I would like to contribute to the collaboration of these actors across TU Delft, by providing opportunities to students here and increasing their exposure to the outer world, and simultaneously helping those who are devoid of technologies. This way, I believe through Energy Club, the global dream can be realised. 

Event commissioner - Christopher Schifflechner

Hi my name is Christopher and I believe keeping our planet worth living and beautiful for future generations by facing climate change is the main task of our recent generation. This challenge will demand us a lot of struggles and endeavours, however I truly believe, that our generation can and will do this. For facing this challenge the TU Delft is the perfect environment. Here, a great number of enthusiastic professors, researchers and students came together and give everybody the opportunity to contribute to the worldwide energy transition.

As a board member of the Energy Club, I want to enlarge the community of enthusiastic students for Renewable Energy at TU Delft. I’m strongly convinced, that this magnificent student group will be a birthplace for innovative world changing ideas. We as The Energy Club are encouraging this by getting even more students enthusiastic about renewable technologies and by bringing them into contact with all these different opportunities of research programs and projects. 

Project commissioner - Natalia Aleksandrova

Hi, my name is Natalia and I am a student of the MSc Sustainable Energy Technology at TU Delft. I have completed a BSc in gas turbine design in Moscow and following my bachelor’s degree I really wanted to explore the world of renewable energy technologies. I believe that these technologies can bring us a step closer to the harmony between humans and nature that is essential for life on Earth.

Energy has been my primary interest for years, I see energy as a driving force of progress. Energy allows us to move faster by powering our vehicles, to make our days more productive by powering our devices and lighting, to make our lives safer, to automatize our industries, reducing the amount of potentially dangerous jobs. Behind almost any human activity there is energy. It is our responsibility to organize our energy systems in the best sustainable way.

As a Project Commissioner of the Energy Club Board 2016 I want to inspire students by connecting them to the cutting-edge research projects, by helping them to realize their aspirations and ideas. I believe that Energy Club can contribute a lot to the academic and social experience of students at TU Delft, by showing them amazing possibilities and current developments as well as exciting challenges in the energy field.

Events and Internships commissioner - Camilla Massacesi

Hi, I am pleased to introduce myself. My name is Camilla Massacesi, I was born in Rome, Italy, where I lived for nearly all of my 23 years of age. I am currently enrolled in the MSc program of Sustainable Energy Technologies after I graduated in mechatronics engineering at the "University of Rome Tor Vergata". 

I dream of and believe in a world where the sun, wind and tides will be the energy resources of the future. This conviction explains why I am so strongly enthusiastic of being part of the energy club, a project that aims at supporting the sustainable energy transition. As the commissioner of internships I will put all my efforts to facilitate the connection between students and professionals. As event commissioner I aim at organizing masterclass, conferences, travels and other related educational events which will facilitate connections among parties, foster students to come out with innovative ideas, to collaborate and to learn from one other. I seek to encourage innovation and to promote the creation of a more sustainable world, a world where human activity is in balance with Earth's carrying capacity.

External and Communications commissioner - Eline Van den Ende

Hi, my name is Eline Van den Ende and I’m a MSc student at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the Delft University of Technology. I’m very excited to be part of Energy Club this year. For me, it is a great opportunity to contribute to the energy transition by inspiring and enabling others to make their contribution to the energy transition.

As the commissioner external relations, I try to put the right parties in touch with each other, so that both parties can achieve their goals better. I belief that cooperating is the key to accelerate the energy transition and therefore I’m constantly on the lookout for possible collaborations. These collaborations can take any form: internships, masterclasses, in-house days and other events. This way, all TU students can be addressed and be inspired and enabled to make their contribution to the energy transition!


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